Sands of Chiaroscuro

The Wood of Slaughter, Yu-Shan

Those gloasmiĆ°r that hadn’t fought were herded into a grassy field under the emerald sun of Yu-Shan, their patron’s rays showing their fear and trepidation as they were gathered there at the points of Jade, Ivory, and plant based weapons which were the specialty of the dragon kings. The chosen and their allies had not come unprepared to deal with them, their strengths denied in the armor and weapons of their foes, that and with their powers, the chosen of the gods had slaughtered every able bodied one of their people that had tried to defend their master’s holdings before rounding up all who were left. The chosen of the maidens lending their astrology into the hunt to find all that were in Yu-Shan no matter them hiding, even the children, seniors and infants.

There were many of the chosen of Gaia’s soul, Sextes Jylis among those that held them there, even as they sent prayers to their patron, they flinched as unfamiliar seeds were rained down on them before the chosen of wood gathered began glowing, a response mirrored by the seeds.

Then the screaming started and was immediately muffled.

The lucky ones, if you could call them that, were near instantly killed by the thick mass of growing trees that sprang up within seconds. Others however were held by the branches and roots of such, held still as first heartwood, then bark, covered them, still living within the trees, unable to move, interred alive and suffocating. The branches at the command of those who orchestrated their unnatural growth ripped the clothing that the people they were consuming were wearing, denying them even that little dignity, some ending up, nude, impaled, and writhing in the upper canopy partially consumed by the trees but still exposed.

Ligier’s rage was quick as he charged down in a blaze, not only seeking to burn his foes but to mercifully finish off his people and burn down that unholy forest that held them so that they could at least have that honor to fall under their patron’s merciful flames and be consumed by the holy fire.

It was not to be however, the fire did consume those that were partially exposed, but even then the trees kept some small amount of their bones, those suffocating within the trees were cooked with agonizing slowness though not immolated as their patron had hoped to deliver them in mercy. The trees had been specially engineered by a group of Solars, Lunars, dragonblood, and Dragon Kings to be immensely flame retardant, their leaves not green but a purplish red, to further enrage the fetish soul of the holy tyrant past rational thought, that there would not only be no fast death for many of his people as they were driven to extinction, but that they would also be denied proper rights at their deaths, or even cremation, and their lord’s attempts would cause many of them to die in that much more agony even as they called in desperation to him.

And the newest forest in Yu-Shan was watered by the blood, and grew on the flesh of an entire race of Ligier’s Deva, their name to be lost to history and the faltering memories of the chosen and dragon kings through their many incarnations, only few surviving gods would know of them and their fate and many of those even forgot as the information had little value. Who’s to care for an extinct race? And thus the maiden of secrets closed the folder containing mention of them to idle curiosity, it sitting in a dust covered cabinet, shoved in the very back corner of the newer building the division of secrets, buried under tons of much more recent secrets just as sealed. Though in that folder it speaks of a small population protected and hidden by the Yomi of Amalion….



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