The flying shark lunar that ate the world...


“Everything”. He ate it all, he doesn’t have stats any longer.


The idea started with the concept of awakened animals getting Exaltations. Before we knew it, the idea was out of control.

A siaka grows with proportion to what it eats. A Lunar assists with the creation of awakened siaka, one of which then exalts as a No Moon Lunar.

Said No Moon then takes Stealth as a favored ability, pouring 5 points into it, and using first shapeshifting, then spells to allow flight, and air breathing, it begins to discover land.

It takes it’s time, where various mortals and exalts alike would suddenly disappear other than for a swishing of the air – no sign is left of their destination. And being entirely in the siaka’s mouth, they get the heart’s blood, too…

... eventually tiring of this, it’s time for bigger game. Like the knack that allows a Lunar to shapeshift into a demon it’s successfully hunted. The Ebon Dragon suddenly begins to hear the theme song to “Jaws”. Then Leiger. Before anyone knows it, the entirety of Malfeas has been consumed, the now-supergiant-siaka returning to Creation in order to say “Screw the Deliberative!” before eating the Realm.

Not the people. The continent. The entire frikken Blessed Isle.

Recovering from his wonderful meal, Ragnarok would then turn his attention on the remainder of a very surprised and injured Gaia, no longer blessed by Luna but why does he care? He’s five million frikken miles long! Nom, bye creation.

Time to find Autocthon.

After pursuasion by Ignis Divine, and much collective facepalming, the Maidens of Yu Shan just… said no. Fate was unwound, and after a few hundred days of careful unwinding, Creation was back again… but somewhere, out there, Ragnarok still is… Ragnarok still grows… he hungers! For more…


Sands of Chiaroscuro Thoriendal