Mere centuries before Kage was even conceived lived a Fae-Blood woman of impeccable beauty, and a Mind as sharp as a blade. She was named Catori, though she was often called Flower, by a lover of sorts. Her lover was at the time a young Dynast woman named Ragara Kaori. This is there rather short story

Catori was born under odd circumstances. At her first her mother didn’t even know she was pregnant, even worse she didn’t understand how or whom was the father. The mother was rather young, and even the small town didn’t understand the circumstances. The truth is a Devious fae merely wondered what it would be like to bring a half bred child into the world, this fae would be content to watch from afar how this child would develop. He got his wish and enjoyed every moment of her life including her sweet dreams.

This being the case when the child was born it was passed off to a traveling group would bring the child to the nearest city , and drop her off at the nearest orphanage. True to there word they did this and so started her life.

Catori didn’t start of as a cute kid, in fact she was rather plain looking. If you put her in a group of kids the only thing that stood out about her was that she bore light signs of having Fae blood, but simple city folk didn’t understand much about the Fae so they disregarded that. Though people well read would recognize it quickly and avoid her like the plague. Steering back to the topic however her beauty is the work of the same devious Fae who was her father. He in a moment of amusement took her and reshaped her to be more beautiful, almost eerily so in fact. He edited a great deal in fact so much so no one really recognized her except for the original signs of Fae-Blood.

It didn’t take very long for her to realize her beauty would become both blessing and a curse. She spent equal time both trying to get favors, and whacking away people wanting her for some lewd activity. All the while her fae father watching and delighting in the feelings she would expel during this time. She still found however annoying doing this would be the only way to get anything done. So using the favors she built up with both low and high ranking people and they taught her. In return she did what they wanted, whether it appear as a lover, spend a night in bed with them, or whatever else.

After a decade of doing this she found her beauty refused to fade. (Thanks to her father.) After a point it seemed she barely even aged, everyone seemed to notice as well. Some even say as time went she only got more beautiful not just appearance but in motion, voice, and just about everything else. An undeniable finesse came with every action and normal humans became afraid. Her father reveled in the feeling of loneliness, and the nightmares that would come.

A year later Catori would find she caught the eyes of a peculiar woman. This woman approached her in an odd way. Catori was sitting on the edge of a fountain relaxing trying to ignore the eyes that poked and prodded her, the glares, the fear some of them had. When this woman came up she stopped a foot before Catori just staring. Catori found this a great deal unpleasant used to how people isolated her. What was even worse was that the people were not only staring at her now but at the person in front of her. She could hear the whispers but not make sense of them. Catori was afraid, so she got up and tried to leave, but instead was stopped and pulled away from the crowd by this strange woman.

Once alone Catori and the Woman conversed for a great deal of time. Catori found out the name of the woman was Ragara Kaori. Kaori was giving Catori an offer of sorts, it seemed more like a subtle demand. She requested Catori go with Kaori and be her “Companion” though the way it was described she would be more like a family pet. Catori wasn’t sure that she liked that but, her father had liked the idea if only to see what would happened. So using a very subtle method he forced Catori to say yes. Catori was confused when she said it, and even more confused when Kaori had embraced her and pulled her into a kiss that led quickly to her bedroom. While this happened her father laughed and clapped at the sudden lustful development.

We come in years later Catori still beautiful, and Kaori still using her Flower for bedroom antics that could rival cynis if they truly wished. It seemed like both love and lust on both women’s part. However this concerned the house, though they found Catori (Or flower depending on the person) to be a bit of a problem. Its not they didn’t like her, quite the contrary they enjoyed her but they found her to be a bit of distraction for Kaori who was slacking on her duties to the house. So they planned to have her moved for a time, not too long considering she was still mortal but long enough that Kaori could focus. In the mean time Catori’s father got bored of his daughter and wished an end to the story, so instead of eating her he subtly changed some words that made quite a mess.

Orignally Catori was to be moved away from the main house, still living a good life and such. She would even be allowed to visit Kaori time to time if the family permitted it. Her father however made words confused and made it sound like they wanted her dead. So house servants who were supposed to contact friends of the family contacted some rather shady people. They were even suppose to be subtle but the father once again had a hand in fixing that. It was quite the public display, killer even got away. She layed bleeding to death in public daggers through her heart and lungs. Everyone was confused and Ragra Kaori due to Fae intervention got a front row seat to see this all unfold. Catori’s father enjoyed the entire secene it was all he wished for and more.

However as our flower died Kaori promised should she live long enough that she would find Catori once more, and do whatever could to make up for being so powerless in such a critical situation. However Catori’s father was now bored with the events that passed, he now wants to do newer more interesting things


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