Kage is tall, athletic, and unshaven. He keeps his hair tied back in a very small ponytail. He is pale, but not an albino but despite living in the south still gains no color. He has black hair and brown eyes.


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Fate is an amusing thing that all beings of creation leech on, seek insight into, and wish to control. The best example of this is the Varangian States, whom have based there entire life style around fate and fortune telling. Now Kage isn’t from this place he was merely born there, and fate was must of been really amused that day. For not long after getting his fortune told a few days after his birth, he was given away to a caravan for keeping. Given away due to fortunes of Death surrounding this child.

Now there are two reasons why this action on the ,parents part, this was the wrong thing to do. First they are non exalts of House Cynis, this child still has a chance to exalt. Second his lineage thrives off these omens, Kage is one of many of this particular lineage to bare the taint of ghosts in him. Now that being stated, lets skip forward two months later. The parents of Kage get a visit from their father. The father knowing that his incestful children had finally managed to conceive a child. He came in hopes of seeing this child.

Now Kage’s Grandfather has never had any of his children take second breath. Many marriages have fallen apart because of this. He carries an undeniable shame with him because of this. Almost none of Cynis takes him seriously anymore because of this. So many things ride on the line of this grandchild of his, should he take second breath. Head are bound to roll after his visit with his children.

Back to Kage now, and his time in the caravan. Kage’s life in the caravan was not a hard one it was relatively simple. If Kage had it his way he would have always stayed with the caravan and eventually became part of it. Much of his day comprised of visit various members of the caravan and having them teach him. So this imparted him with a variety of skills, though much of it is forgotten to him now.

Now skipping ahead to when he is about eight, we find the caravan that Kage is in rushing, and quickly towards the city of chiarscuro. Behind them a group of cannibals chasing down the caravan yelling out there little war cries, and what not. Kage is fearing for his life and then a black out. Kage awakens to find more than half of the caravan gone and no one willing to do anything with the poor child. So rather than give this child to an orphanage they do the next best thing and bring him to the guild. Not as a slave but to see if anyone was in search of an apprentice who might make use of the boy.

Most of Kage’s best and worst dreams will stem from the events of his apprenticeship and his joining of the guild. Feather will forever be the most hated and loved name he can recall. Feather is the one who trained Kage in the ways of being a good merchant. Feather is also the one who will get Kage his position in the guild. The events with feather are also what established Kage as a Guild Hunter. Though Kage will never admit that Feather did anything good for him.

Feather raised Kage from eight years to about Thirteen years of age, teaching him the vitals of trade. They eventually made a wager with one another Kage betting his freedom for one of Feathers shops, and guild membership. Feather being confident accepted the bet and lost outright in the time span they had set. Though this never sat right with him so he pulled some devious strings and took his shop back and cast kage aside leaving him with nothing. Kage bent on vengeance disappeared from the public eye altogether to plot and plan.

Two years later he finds himself ready having confidence in the skills that he developed. So he hunts down feather only to find he is in a conspiracy and actively acting against guild interest. So instead giving Feather a final confrontation, he sneaks away to inform Feathers betters. But first he needed proof so he tracked a conspirator down, captured, interrogated, and brought this man to guild superiors. Safe to say this man told everything he knew and had his throat promptly slit. Kage was then ordered to eliminate the rest of the conspirators and to bring Feather to the guild hall to be made an example of. Kage did this with a great deal of pleasure in doing this. With the capturing of feather Kage took his position, and had a new set of skills which the guild would use.

Its two years later and Kage has established himself quite well in chiarscuro as a hunter of men. Some people merely hear the name and shudder. For Kage doesn’t discriminate about the jobs. Kill an innocent, criminal, or just some schmuck barely surviving. This is Kage and will always be Kage.


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