Melanchony of the Wilting Ash

An ornate power bow made of both Jade, and Soulsteel. On it are images of the glories of both Life and Death

weapon (ranged)

As long as the arrow is notched, a song can be heard. The song, if listened to, tells the story of the man’s life in brief, singing of their greatest achievement to date. Should it then land, the target then feels a horrible rending, as the touch of the neverborn color that achievement with the melancholy of the grave, denying it’s importance. The target must, after being shot the first time by an arrow fired from it, succeed at a Conviction check, or count as though they suffered a social attack against their strongest Intimacy. They can only be affected by such once per day.


((fluffing when I can find the file again T_T))

Melanchony of the Wilting Ash

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