Judge's Badge Timepiece

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Judge’s Badge Timepiece

These timepieces were set into a variety of hearthstone sockets, though they didn’t power anything, they were a somewhat useful and elegant solution to not having enough hearthstones to fully equip all places for them. They were specially given out to those who were fair judges in the eyes of the primordial that became Cecelyne. Those who used them would have a light compulsion over them to be calm and analytical rather than give into the passions of the crowd when weighing a case. The timepiece is a hourglass surrounded by clockwork components in a glass sphere. The hourglass stays right side up no matter what angle the sphere is at, the sand within a miniscule bit of the primordial as she had been. At the top is a moon that changes phase in the area between the top of the hourglass and the curvature of the sphere, below there are phases of the sun, and on one side is a depiction of the focal point of the night sky over creation the primary constellation done in tiny chips of starmetal, the other side is a depiction of the sky over Yu-Shan – who’s winning the games. On the hourglass there are little marks that depict hours, as the sand climbs up over them uniformly they will chime with a light bell tone just loud enough so that the one wearing it, can only hear if it is on their neck or forehead, and a slight barely noticeable vibration if against the skin, the hourglass takes a day to empty and will flip itself at the turning of the day. The sphere is an inch in diameter and has a chain attached to it by means that are not fully apparent. When mounted this chain disappears, but if the user wants to consult the clock it appears again linking the timepiece to the artifact it is mounted in until the owner wishes it to be fully detached to put it in another. It, like a Resplendent Personal Assistant, is calibrated by its least spirit’s listening to the whispers of the pattern spiders at the loom of time. By keeping it against one’s skin for over a month the timepiece will come out of dormancy and attune to the holder’s essence pattern, not being able to be used by anyone but them and various incarnations, said attunement is broken only if the user’s soul is destroyed, unfortunately this happened to most holders of such during the primordial war since neither the Primordials or the chosen of the gods were pulling any punches, most were destroyed along with their owners.

Tells time by hours, phases of the moon, position of the sun, and the constellations

Keeps track of who’s winning the Games of Divinity

Has a compulsion effect for calm and level headedness, even if the one attuned doesn’t want to be

Judge's Badge Timepiece

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