Twisted Well of Ink

Twisted Well of Ink

At the bottom of a water filled chasm deep beneath chiaroscuro, lies a piece of the city on it’s side, predating the exalted this area of Chiaroscuro was buried during the primordial war, chunks of multicolored glass jut out from the edges of the break in the submerged surface, nothing more than a mess of thick and thin broken glass and frigid water. Through a gap between a pair of monolithic structures, the corner of a neighborhood remains intact, though twisted on it’s side and partially upside-down. A few of the buildings are dry on the inside though only accessible through the murky depths in a small corner street that is on it’s side, the air however is extremely stale and though the water circulates well, the air in the dry rooms are not enough to sustain life. The manse lies twisted partially on it’s side at the corner of three of these buildings, and is full of water which wouldn’t have been odd if the place wasn’t submerged because the manse is in fact a well. Swimming for a mile straight into the passage one comes upon the first side rooms, the well is lined with black jade and fitted with tarnished silver designs along the walls that have completely turned green from years of unuse. In the first chambers are jutting spikes of jade, some dangling from chains in the walls. to perform maintenance to activate the manse’s abilities, the eyes of a creature must be impaled upon said spikes and the creature, must die there otherwise it harmlessly takes the same from the one that has attuned it.

Once maintenance is performed the manse warms the water within it, making it comfortable to work in, the holder of the attunement of the manse is able to access it’s archive, which is organized by time the entries were put in, anything from fragments of lettering on a wall to entire tomes of work are stored there, regardless as to whether the attuned or the victim could understand the language since it picks up the intent in the writing of what was seen, not the ability of the individual to analyze it, the manse is incapable of analyzing the contents itself, which is why they are sorted as they are. Things are grouped into entries of the victims, then into illusion representation of the medium that they were placed upon, which in the darkness of the tunnels is shown in very faint light. The underground stream that fed the well still flows far down miles to the side and beneath it and is the source of the demanse that powers the manse ‘above’ it.

rating x4

This Manse is partially capped due to damage during the Primordial War, and steadily leaks essence in the form of surges of water through the undercity through small caves and tunnels, making the way hazardous for those that do not breathe water.

Comfort zone 1

Maintenance -1 needs one being to die within it once every year. Whatever creature has read, or whatever printed word it has seen during it’s lifetime is transferred to the archive

Archive 2

Veil of Shadow 2

Well Flavored Aspect 1

Minor Tricks and Traps 1- manse feels like halls go on forever – when well was in general use, this was conveyed by it taking 10 minutes sometimes for a rock to splash into the water, earning it the nickname at the time, slowfall well.

Hearth: bloodstone oadenol’s codex p96

Twisted Well of Ink

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