Early Morning

Small, Arabic with slanted eyes, right side of her face is scarred heavily.


Small, looks Arabic except for Asian slanted eyes, right half of her face is covered in scarring, aspect markings on her face as well, a wreath of blue and black on her forehead, and streaming ribbons on the outward edge of her eyes


Given to an orphanage by relatives that didn’t want her, or didn’t want her claiming her inheritance, said orphanage was put out of business when a plague hit chiaroscuro, it’s wards, those that lived, thrown out on the street.

Early Morning then was ushered from one youthful protector to another until they got bored with the child or figured that she was too much of a drain on their resources. She was between protectors when she, driven by hunger, tried to steal a carrot from a merchant’s stall. The merchant called a nearby guard who picked up the young child, age six but looking more like a skeletal four year old, and shredded the right side of her face by beating her with his spiked gauntleted fist despite his partner’s protests. He and his partner got into a fight over the incident and in spite of her pain, Early Morning took the distraction of all those in the area to grab as many carrots as she could carry and hightail it out of there.

In spite of this windfall she soon ran out of the food, getting her wound infected and it leaving her delirious with fever in an alleyway, her face so horrific with infection that people would run and make plague warning gestures around her. Raven, a local crime lord and pawn shop owner found the child and brought her back to her shop to clean her up and bandage her wounds. Most importantly feeding Early Morning, explaining that the children that she looked after called her ‘Momma Raven’. With kindness Raven won Early Morning’s utmost loyalty.

Early Morning trained under Raven and with the various members of her ‘flock’ as a burglar and spy. A favorite hobby being breaking into libraries to borrow books for her and her family, the more of a challenge they were the better, and jimmying the mechanisms for entrance so that they were easily available. She learned to read old realm to pass information about expensive artifacts to Raven.

Otherwise she worked as a courier, running messages across the city for her pay, and bringing the more interesting letters to Raven before they are delivered to their recipients.

Early Morning

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